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Ms Olympia Andrea Shaw Joins Muscle Insider as Champion Content Curator

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By Roger “Rock” Lockridge


Muscle Insider is proud to announce the newest addition to the team, and it’s none other than the most dominant Women’s Bodybuilding champion in recent memory, Andrea Shaw! Ms. Olympia herself has joined us and will serve our audience as Champion Content Curator.

Shaw’s presence is the latest addition to the growth of what has become a dream team for bodybuilding content coverage. Among others to have joined Muscle Insider in recent weeks are Shawn Ray, Global Director or Media Relations, new contributor Nicole Rakowski and Johnny Styles, who is our Digital Multimedia Producer. This growth can be directly linked to the new ownership duo of Andrew and Grace Bukowsky.

About Shaw

After turning pro and competing in Women’s Physique, Shaw switched to the Open bodybuilding division and found her home. Her destiny began taking shape in 2020 when she won that year’s Rising Phoenix title as well as the Ms. Olympia title, which made its return under current owner Jake Wood.

In the years since, Shaw has successfully retained both major championships, making her both a four-time Ms. Olympia and four-time Rising Phoenix winner. She remains the only athlete to have held both simultaneously, and she intends to keep both in her 2024 title defenses this season.

Shaw took a few moments to share her thoughts about joining Muscle Insider and what the fans can expect going forward.

You could have very likely joined any group and made a big impact. Why do you feel Muscle Insider was a good fit for you?

Shaw: I have followed the organization since my pro debut in 2019 and I’ve always been pleased with the quality of the content.  Some media outlets produce content without any discretion because it’s sensational.  Muscle Insider has always maintained a level of credibility while also operating with high levels of integrity by keeping content relevant to aspects of fitness.  So, the choice was easy. 

Now that you are officially on board, what can the fans expect to see and hear from you in this new role?

Shaw: The fans can expect information about many fitness related topics that will spark their interest as well as educate them as they move along their fitness journeys.

We should make clear that you are still competing, and this is in addition to the work you are already doing as an ambassador and athlete. Our guess is we will still see you competing at both the Rising Phoenix and Olympia this season, correct?

Shaw: That is correct. The Rising Phoenix is 8/24/2024 and the 60th Olympia will be held in Las Vegas 10/11/2024 & 10/12/2024.

You can follow Shaw on Instagram @mzprettymuscle, and make sure you check back for future contributions from the champ herself here on Muscle Insider.

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