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FIBO Starts As A Trade Show In October

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After following a decision from the North Rhine-Westphalian government in Germany allowing trade shows to be held again from May 30th onwards, FIBO is happening, but not without a hitch. The world's biggest trade show for fitness, wellness and health, which had been postponed at the end of February to the new date in October, will now be held as a trade show. Unfortunately, FIBO has to be closed to the public this year.

Hans-Joachim Erbel, CEO of FIBO stated: 

"The decision of the North Rhine-Westphalian state government has a signal effect, it creates planning security combined with the confidence to handle it responsibly and to guarantee high safety and hygiene standards". "Normality there must be a first learn to walk again - the decision is a first big step."

With this in mind, it is understandable that it is only open to trade visitors for the time being. A good 80,000 trade visitors attended FIBO 2019.

Who’s considered a trade visitor?

You’re considered a trade visitor if you work in the fitness, wellness or healthcare sector. You must be able to verify your occupation.

FIBO without private visitors – only trade visitors will have access

"We know how painful this decision is for the FIBO community, especially for FIBO regulars," says FIBO Director Silke Frank, "but please understand that our hands are tied and we cannot help it. Instead, virtual event formats with videos of the exhibitors, livestreams, interviews and workouts on demand will provide a complete overview of the industry highlights and ensure that FIBO@Home experiences "get under your skin", as Silke Frank promises. All private visitor tickets already purchased remain valid for FIBO 2021 or can be returned for a refund". (www.fibo.com/faqB2Ben)

Back to Business: Duration Thursday to Saturday

"After the lockdown of recent months, which has affected large parts of the industry existentially, the decision in favor of FIBO sends out a signal. In the sign of new orientation, FIBO will generate impulses for revitalization. Having considered this, the more important it is to launch a ‘special edition’ before the regular FIBO 2021," says Silke Frank who, in many talks with customers and associations over the past few weeks, has experienced the great need and necessity for back-to-business initiatives.

The new set-up of FIBO is tailored around trade visitors having access. For that reason, FIBO 2020 will focus on topics, event formats and exhibition areas that are especially relevant for said trade visitors. Sunday will be cancelled as an event day. A total of 350 exhibitors are expected for FIBO in October.

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