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FIBO Postponed Due To Coronavirus

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Rumours have been flying through the fitness industry that FIBO (Europe’s largest fitness festival) could be cancelled this year due to the risk of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) spreading. It is in fact postponed!

Up until now, no official word has come in from the promoters of FIBO but the entire fitness industry has been on standby. Today an official statement was posted postponing the huge event;

“After thorough consideration and weighing today we decided to postpone the FIBO planned from April 02. to 05…..”

Here is the full official statement:

FIBO takes place in Cologne, Germany. The event draws in well over 100,000 fans but is also the key event for the business side of the fitness industry. Supplement companies, gym equipment manufacturers, fitness apparel, tanning beds, saunas suppliers and anything else you might find at a gym is for sale at FIBO! With Europe’s large population (estimated 741 million people), an expo this large brings a massive amount of people to the event and unlike other expos, nearly all attendees are there to buy lots and take advantage of the deep discounts the show is known for. If this show were to altogether be cancelled, it would cause major problems for the business side of the fitness industry, especially in Europe. It’s great to see that the organizers are being responsible and forward thinking in doing their part to help slow down and prevent the further spreading of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) by postponing till later in the year. The prevention of the spreading of the Coronavirus is of highest priority in Germany as well as in the rest of the world. Check back on this post for updates as more info comes in. 


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