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Calum Von Moger Undergoes Spinal Surgery

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We had originally reported Calum von Moger had jumped out of a second story window and was severely injured landing him sedated in the ICU after his near-fatal leap.

As confirmed by The Royal Melbourne Hospital caring for Calum, the three-time Mr. Universe winner is with family and now in stable condition after undergoing spinal surgery to repair fractures on his injured spine. It’s believed Calum is in an induced coma.

According to reports, he has a long road ahead to recovery. Calum is not believed to be paralyzed, but will require extensive physical therapy to strengthen his spine and regain mobility.

The 31 year old Calum has had a rough go the last few years, but doesn’t hide from it nor does he want to dwell on it according to an Instagram post from March 30th, 2022.

We again wish Calum a speedy and full recovery from his injuries and hope that he is able to get the help he needs to get his life back to a better place.

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