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Calum Von Moger Attempts Suicide

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Calum Von Moger has been in the headlines a lot as of late, but this most recent event is truly troubling. What was originally reported by Nick Trigili on his “Bodybuilding & BS” YouTube channel, Calum Von Moger attempted to commit suicide by jumping through a second-story window on the afternoon of May 6th. From what has since been confirmed by multiple sources close to Calum, friends went to check on him after becoming concerned for his safety. Upon arriving at the house, they found Calum had allegedly been cutting himself on his bicep, forearms, and chest, leaving a great deal of blood all around. These sources state that Calum was already high and then managed to lock himself in the second-story room, where he then jump through the glass window.

Allegedly, this incident happened because he was still high on meth. For whatever reason, he jumped through the window. Not out the window, but through the glass. When he landed, he damaged his spine to the point that he couldn’t walk, and now he is sedated in the ICU.” Trigili goes on to explain, “It does not look good. I don’t want to say too much because I really don’t have all the fine detail. But from my sources, allegedly it is really, really bad.”

Calum has become a bodybuilding celebrity over the years. Many people got to know him from starring in the movie “Bigger”, where he played a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. He later went on to earn a role in the Netflix hit “Generation Iron 2”. Calum was even a model for Gucci in 2019. His downfall seemed to begin shortly after Calum suffered a bicep tear while performing a tandem barbell bicep curl with the now three-time Classic Bodybuilding Mr. Olympia Champion Chris Bumstead. Only a few months after recovering from this bicep tear, he sustained another devastating injury to his knee, when he fell while repelling off a cliff with his brother. Then in 2020, he learned that he had a child he was unaware of. Calum Von Moger has recently gotten involved in drugs and other illegal activities, such as being arrested for a road rage incident, where he allegedly chased after another driver with a machete.

We wish Calum a speedy and full recovery from his injuries and hope that he is able to get the help he needs to get his life back to a better place.

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