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Calum Von Moger In Rehab

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Three-time Mr. Universe, Calum Von Moger has voluntarily checked himself into rehab in a valiant effort to deal with and fight his drug addiction. The 32 year old Australian native vowed to get his life in order and his team is confident that he will succeed despite the long road ahead.

Von Moger made headlines last month for jumping out of a two-story window. He ended up in the ICU with an injured spine and the prospect of possibly never being able to walk assistance for the rest of his life. The good news was weeks after the incident, Von Moger was discharged from the hospital with the ability to walk unassisted. Now in rehab, Von Moger looks to further improve his life and bounce back from the tumultuous past few months.

In a recent Instagram video, Calum’s manager ‘Popeye’, who has worked with him for over ten years, confirmed that Calum has been in a rehabilitation program for over a week now and on his way to further recovery. 

We wish Calum a speedy and full recovery.

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