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"Bigger" the Movie! The Joe and Ben Weider Story.

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The movie BIGGER is the first scripted Hollywood film to chronicle the birth of a fitness movement that gave way to the world-changing bodybuilding and the fitness craze as we know it. BIGGER tells the story of brothers Joe and Ben Weider who against all odds, launched a movement and created an empire. The George Gallo-directed film is scoring major authenticity points in the bodybuilding world with the inclusion of some of their very own. The coveted role of the young Arnold Schwarzenegger is played by bodybuilding champion Calum Von Moger, known for his striking resemblance of the man regarded as his sport’s most influential champion. The role of Arnold’s-rival, the late Sergio Oliva is played by his own son Sergio Oliva Jr, while Arash Rahbar, a rising star on today’s bodybuilding scene, appears as 1970’s muscle icon Frank Zane. 


Longtime bodybuilding publisher and commentator Dan Solomon, a co-executive producer on the project, makes an appearance as the emcee of the 1970 Mr. Olympia contest, the event that first catapulted Schwarzenegger to the top of the bodybuilding world. Veteran bodybuilding hosts Bob Cicherillo and Tim Wilkins appear in the film as commentators, while physique cover model Steve Cook appears with the movie’s leading lady Julianne Hough for a beach scene that will not be forgotten.

“There is far more to this film than one would ever expect, it’s a rich and layered tale that is a true triumph of the spirit. It is also historic as it is the first mainstream scripted Hollywood film about a culture that simply cannot be ignored. Today the gym is as sacred as any temple of worship to its followers and its time that we acknowledge this!” said Jones. Gallo added, “It’s the kind of film that shows that one can achieve anything if you believe in yourself enough and never take NO for an answer.”

BIGGER will have its world premiere on September 13 in Las Vegas to coincide with the Mr. Olympia competition, a bodybuilding showcase that was created in 1965 by the Weider Brothers. BIGGER will be in theaters on October 12.

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