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Arranti Partners with Muscle World and the Meta Muscle League

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A few weeks back we told you about Muscle World - the digital world for bodybuilders that’s being built in the Metaverse. Cryptocurrencies, Web 3.0 and NFTs are all the rage these days and the forward-thinking minds behind Muscle World have been busy creating a complete digital world for bodybuilders. Once it's done, you’ll be able to strap on your virtual reality headset, login and experience the ultimate bodybuilding destination. Attend a bodybuilding contest, check out a fitness expo, visit your favourite supplements store, buy fitness focused NFTs or even hang with your favourite bodybuilders, all in an area of the metaverse appropriately called Muscle World.

Arranti Partners With Muscle World

The buzz around this new digital destination and the unlimited opportunities this will create have spread throughout the fitness industry and it wasn't long before our friends over at Arranti saw the true potential of this idea. So Arranti’s CEO Jeff Herrington stepped in and partnered with the company to give them the backing they needed to scale this business venture while helping Arranti stay on the forefront of this technological innovation. Arranti is the leading packaging supplier in the supplement industry and they're always on the hunt for the next innovation that will engage consumers while providing tangible value to the brands they work with. Getting into the metaverse was only a matter of time for Arranti so it's great to see them spring into it immediately by partnering with the team behind Muscle World. This will also allow Muscle World to be introduced to the countless brands that already work with Arranti which includes some of the largest in the industry.

Meta Muscle League NFTs

To kick things off earlier this month, the company launched a collection of NFTs specifically focussed on bodybuilding and fitness. Magazines like Muscular Development have already started working with them to create their own NFT and a series of muscle-inspired collections are available for sale that we’re sure the bodybuilding fans are going to love. Check these out now at metamuscleleague.com.

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