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Arnolds Official After Party Promoted by Redcon1

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Contest Coverage Sponsored By BSN

There has been no lack of news and excitement leading into the 2020 Arnold’s Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio, the weekend of March 5-8, 2020. A big news story just recently announced is that of the Arnold’s Sports Festival expanding to the UK in October 2021.

Another one of the exciting new additions to this year’s events is The Arnold SportsWorld Kids & Teens EXPO with dozens of newly added sports for children to experience.

We know from looking at the competitors' lists that have been released, this will be an exciting and stacked line-up at this year’s competition. There is always a lot of hype around seeing Big Ramy competing, along with so many other incredible physiques that will be on stage. One of the biggest disappointments to fans is finding out Roelly Winklaar will not be competing at this year’s Arnold’s.

If all of the events, expo, and celebrities are not enough excitement for you, another part of the weekend that many of us in the industry look forward to, is the Arnold’s Official After Party, which this year’s Party with the Pros is promoted by Redcon1.

Aaron Singerman, CEO of Redcon1, took to social media today to make the announcement. It’s clear that Aaron is excited for this after party, when he shared his thoughts, “Proud to be promoting the official Arnold After Party! This has been years in the works, and I’m excited it finally happened.

For years the Arnold After Party was what I looked forward to more than the actual event itself! This year we are bringing that back! For the first time in 5+ years we will have a true VIP section that will attract every star that attends the event, and all of the industry people worth networking with!”

I’m sure we will see you at the party and it should be one for the books!

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