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2020 Olympia News - Rafael Brandao Withdraws

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Olympia Contest Coverage Sponsored By BODYPRO Gym

It’s an unfortunate news day in the world of bodybuilding when we must share the news of yet another competitor withdrawing from the 2020 Mr. Olympia competition. We brought you news of Hadi Choopan having Visa troubles, which makes it unlikely for him to be able to attend this year’s Olympia. Then there was news that Cedric McMillan is out, after learning that he apparently has a break in his collarbone, as well as either a dislocated or broken hand. We then brought word that James Hollingshead has chosen to sit out the 2020 Mr. Olympia, so he can focus on improvements he needs to make, to prepare for his 2021 Olympia qualification.

We now bring news that Rafael Brandao has also withdrawn from the 2020 Mr. Olympia, due to Covid-19 complications. Brandao earned his qualification for this year’s Mr. Olympia after placing third at the Europa Pro in October. It is obvious the time Rafael spent training with 212 Bodybuilding Legend Flex Lewis in preparation for the Europa show really paid off. The two athletes pushed each other to be better each day, as Lewis was still planning to make his debut in Men’s Open Bodybuilding at this year’s Olympia also.

Brandao rented out a conference room, to share with media the news of his decision to step away from this year’s Olympia. Apparently, he had contracted Covid-19 during his time in Spain, for the Europa Pro Show. Since that time, he has been operating at sub-optimal levels. Brandao goes on to explain that he has been experiencing bronchitis, breathing issues, and even a deviated septum, which he has indicated he will be undergoing surgery for. It seems that his lungs have also been affected. Facing these mounting health factors, Brandao has made the difficult decision to take off the rest of 2020 and return in 2021. In these trying times especially, we want to wish Rafael a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing his return to the bodybuilding stage next year.

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