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William Bonac Out of 2021 Arnold Classic



After a valiant effort by the Arnold Classic office to make it happen, it just won’t be. We just got news that William “The Conqueror” Bonac will not compete in this year's Arnold classic. Details are a little sketchy at this moment but the defending Arnold Classic Champion will not compete in this year's Arnold's due to travel restrictions.

Here’s what William Bonac had to say on the issue:

“I am sad to announce that I will not be on the stage of Arnold Classic in Ohio this year due to administrative issues regarding my travels during pandemic. I have to thank the organizers for doing all that they can so we solve this issue together but it seems I will not be able to enter the US before the show."

"There are a lot of great athletes in the line up for this year and I was really looking forward to step on stage and being challenged as defending champion. I live for this sport and especially for these great moments, so You might be able to imagine what I feel now. Today I feel like my heart is broken but tomorrow I will wake up and put all that energy into the final stages of my prep for Mr Olympia. We all fail and we all fall down sometimes but what matters the most is to stand up stronger. So this is what I will do now. Stay tuned!”

This means we will see a new Arnold Classic Champion crowned opening the door for Canadian Iain Valliere, Sergio Oliva Jr., Nick Walker, Steve Kuclo, Justin Rodriguez and of course mass monster Akim Williams. Last week we posted that Roelly Winklaar had withdrawn from competing in the show so we're definitely going to see an exciting outcome with these two men out of the Arnold Classic this year. Muscle insider will have live contest coverage of the 2021 Arnold Classic at muscleinsider.com.

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