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The Celebrity Trainer

Rehan Jalali C.S.N.
Rehan Jalali is an author and celebrity nutritionist. His clients include oscar winning actors, grammy winning musicians, and professional athletes.
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What's the right amount of protein, carbs and fats?

QUESTION: When developing a fat-loss diet for your Hollywood A-list clients such as Sly Stallone, Ben Affleck, Nicole Scherzinger, Forest Whitaker, etc--how do you figure out the right amount of protein, carbs and fats for each of them?

ANSWER: If I told you I’d have to kill you! Ok fine, without resorting to violence or embarking on a vow of silence, I can tell you that my A-list clients DEMAND results. Whether its looking perfect for a music video, movie, TV show, or award show appearance, there is a lot at stake on how my clients look—especially in this TMZ obsessed paparazzi culture of scrutinizing very inch of someone’s body! Having said that, I can tell you that each one of the programs I develop for my celeb clients are highly customized. I don’t believe in cookie cutter programs as every single person is different. You want cookie cutter, head over to Nutri-Get-Fat System or whatever the latest diet craze is and let a commercial gym trainer “dazzle” you! But if you want to keep it "REAL” and get long term and short term results, then you need a customized plan. I usually do blood and urine analysis and have the celebs fill out a detailed questionnaire so I can determine the best macronutrient ratio for them. It’s all about the ratio of protein, carbs, and fat and not really about calories (a Calorie is NOT a calorie)! After getting details on the person, I look at the goal. If it’s someone who needs to be shredded for a movie scene in a few weeks like Bruce Willis in Die Hard 4, the macronutrient ratio might be 55% protein, 35% Carbs, and 10% fat (mainly essential fats). If someone is looking for more long term maintainable fat loss/lean muscle results, I would go with a 45% protein, 40% carbs, and 15% essential fats ratio (as I recommend in my book “The Six-Pack Diet Plan”). By protein, I don’t mean buffalo wings and fried chicken, I’m talking good ole fashioned lean/clean protein like chicken breast, lean fish, egg whites, sirloin steak, etc. And by carbs, I’m not talking cookies and white rice, I mean complex carbs like yams, sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, fibrous veggies, etc. So to summarize, it all depends on the goal and the individual specs!

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