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Supplement Godfather

Don Gauvreau MSc, CSCS
Don Gauvreau, A.K.A. The Supplement Godfather, is one of the leading researchers and product formulators in the sports supplement industry.
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Greens and Fiber for Fat Loss

Q. In the past you've given greens and fiber supplements more props than things like creatine and weight gainers! Are greens and fibers really that important?

A. You’re damn right I did! And yes, they are that important. As I stressed in that article, it’s critically important that you have a solid nutritional base before you start adding a variety of high-tech supplements into the mix. If you were going to build a car, what would you buy first—four solid tires or some super-powered fuel injectors? Obviously you’d get the four tires first because without them you’d get nowhere. I know that’s a bit of an extreme analogy. Of course, you could still have a crappy diet and gain benefits from using creatine.

But, if you truly want to maximize your body’s potential and the effects of a supplement such as creatine, you must start with a solid nutritional base. In my opinion, that always starts with a top-quality greens and fiber supplement, especially if you aren’t already getting enough through regular foods, which is usually the case with most people. Actually, greens and fiber are arguably even more important when it comes to fat loss. Greens help maintain acid-base balance in the body and ensure that your metabolism is working at full capacity. Fiber helps balance blood sugar levels and reduces excessive insulin release. It has some other great fat-fighting benefits, but to learn more, you’ll have to check out my next feature article “Stacking for Cuts.”

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