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Women's Physique

Tammy Strome C.KIN, RNCP, IFBB Pro

Tammy Strome is a Transformation Coach, Fitness Intuitive and IFBB Pro with 17 years in the industry as a Transformation specialist, Life Coach and Supplement Expert. She uses a combination of science, insight and intuition to help her clients sculpt their bodies and transform their lives.  For more info on Tammy please visit her website at www.tammystrome.com or follow her on social media at FB:  TammyStromeIFBBPro,  Instagram @tammystromeIFBBPro and Twitter: @tammystrome

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Probiotics Improve Health & Immunity

In the balance between good and evil, who will win? When it comes to the trillions of microorganisms that reside in our gut, we want the good guys to have the upper hand. The complex communities of microorganisms that colonize the gut play a pivotal role in human health. Formally called flora, these good microbiota are in a symbiotic relationship with their human host. That’s right! You need them to survive, and they need you. These good guys play many important roles in the body such as supporting the actions of the immune system by acting as a first line of defense. They obtain energy from indigestible carbohydrate, aid mineral absorption, eliminate toxins, and produce nutrients such as short-chain fatty acids, certain vitamins, and certain amino acids. Research also shows that they influence gene expression.

80% of Immune System Resides in Your Gut 

The evidence is clear that good microbiota must significantly outnumber the bad ones to avoid health issues. Many conditions and diseases are demonstrating that their roots take hold when the good populations are compromised. Such an imbalance is known as dysbiosis. Obesity, skin conditions, allergies, food intolerances, autoimmune disease, depression, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are just a few of the conditions linked to dysbiosis. The microbiota in a woman’s gut even have a profound impact on the future health of her developing child. The signs of dysbiosis are not always as obvious as gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, but could be more vague complaints such as fatigue, frequent colds, joint pain, low mood, or just feeling unwell. Improving gut health has demonstrated improvements in not only these conditions but also cognitive issues, mood disorders, and even autism and ADHD. If you are committed to good health and getting peak results from your training and diet, then you want your gut to stay healthy.

Diet and lifestyle strategies to support gut health:

1. Eliminate processed foods, sugar, fructose, caffeine, and alcohol
2. Reduce stress
3. Drink water that has been filtered to remove chlorine
4. Eat certified organic foods to reduce chemical and pesticide exposure
5. Avoid artificial sweeteners
6. Minimize antibiotic use except when necessary

Some of the suggestions above are easier to avoid than others. The single best thing you can do to protect your health is to eat probiotic rich foods and take a high-quality probiotic supplement daily. 

When choosing a probiotic, look for the following:

1. 100% human strains. These are the most compatible with your digestive system. They have the best ability to colonize and thrive.

2. Complete gastrointestinal (GI) protection. Look for a formula designed to inhabit and protect the entire length of the GI tract.

3. A multiple dosing strategy. Leaders in the field state that this is the ideal way to colonize the gut.

4. Cryo-protection for viability and longevity of the probiotic.

5. Professional formulation and bioenergetical testing (energy feedback through meridian pathways) for high compatibility.

For more information about gut health and using probiotics as a bodybuilding, click here!