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Brink Zone

Will Brink
He’s been an author and industry consultant for over 15 years and is extensively published. Will is also the author of a number of books including Priming The Anabolic Environment.
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Is Eating Organic Worth The Money?

Q. In your opinion, is eating organic worth the extra money?

A. “Organic” often ranges considerably in terms of definition, greatly increased costs, etc. Reducing your intake of chemicals that make their way into food is no doubt a good goal, but there’s actually surprisingly little research showing that most organic food is any more nutritious, healthy, or tasty than most nonorganic food. Sometimes there’s good reason to eat an organic food instead of a nonorganic food. Sometimes the term “organic” is more marketing hype than useful, and serves only to increase your costs. People need to take time to research which foods are worth spending the additional money on and which aren’t. I don’t recommend people reject nonorganic foods out of hand or accept organic ones at face value as if they’re by default healthier. In reality, “organic” foods are a mixed bag at best. There is the legit issue that organic farming methods tend to be better overall for the land and offer a niche for smaller farmers/producers, but the actual health benefits tend to be exaggerated and/or not well-supported by the actual data. Buyer beware.

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