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Yummy Sports Relaunches Angry Unicorn Pre Workout

The Quebec-based brand Yummy Sports has relaunched its popular Angry Unicorn pre-workout. Not only will you see the label has been revamped, but the formula has been updated as well. This new formula looks angrier than ever. Each 4.5-gram half-scoop serving provides key ingredients such as 2,000 mg beta-alanine, 1,500 mg betaine anhydrous, which is commonly used to help metabolize homocysteine within the body, while improving athletic performance, 1,000 mg agmatine (a metabolite of L-arginine) has shown promise in improving cognitive function, as well as alleviating neuropathic pain. The formula contains 200 mg of caffeine which provides a good boost of energy, along with 200 mg Nobile Orchid, otherwise known as dendrobium, has been used in Traditional Chinese medicine but has become a popular ingredient in pre-workouts to help improve physical and athletic performance. All these ingredients and more help to deliver great focus and clean energy for sports, circuit training, and more. Sold in a 270-gram bottle, giving you 60 servings per container, Yummy Sports Angry Unicorn pre-workout is available in Blue Raspberry, Ziclone, and Sour Watermelon flavours.

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