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XPN Burn X Now In Sour Cherry Candies Flavor

Last month we introduced the XPN Classic Series of nutritional supplements released from the Quebec based company. Already expanding upon the offerings, XPN Burn-X is now in Sour Cherry Candies flavor. This sugar-free energy blend helps to improve physical performance and body composition, by metabolizing fat as energy. Each seven gram serving provides beneficial ingredients such as one gram L-carnitine tartrate, 500 mg acetyl L-carnitine, 200 mg green coffee bean, and 170 mg caffeine, as well as numerous others. XPN Burn-X helps to reduce exhaustion and fatigue while supporting mental clarity and alertness. Sour Cherry Candies is the sixth flavor of XPN Burn-X, joining the other popular choices which include Peach Cocktail, Strawberry/Kiwi, Grape Juice, Blue Raspberry, and Pink Lemonade. XPN Burn-X is available in a 210-gram bottle, which provides 30 servings per container. If you follow the suggested one serving per day, this will give you a one month supply.

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