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XPLabs KetoPro Preview

XP Labs

The fitness industry has seen a shift for many people to begin following a ketogenic diet over the past number of years. Along with this move, supplement brands have recognized the need to support this category. One recent addition to the market is XP Labs KetoPro Ketogenic Protein Powder.

Combining MCT oil powder and grass-fed, pasture-raised protein isolate, this all-natural KetoPro Ketogenic Protein Powder offers an ideal ketogenic macronutrient breakdown. Each 34-gram scoop of KetoPro provides you with 15 grams of fat, 10 grams of protein and 4.5 grams of carbohydrates, with zero sugar and three grams of fibre, which works out to 70% fats, 20% protein and 10% carbohydrates.

Whether you are looking for a pre-workout shake, a quick meal replacement, or even a great flavour addition to your morning coffee, KetoPro gives you the necessary fuel for your body while allowing you to remain in ketosis. XP Labs KetoPro is available in Chocolate or Vanilla flavours and whether you use one or two scoops per serving, each container will give you 28 or 14 servings respectively. XP Labs KetoPro is also gluten free, soy free, non-GMO and Stevia sweetened.

For more information, be sure to visit the XP Labs website and check them out on Instagram!

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