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Vade Nutrition Dissolvable Protein Scoops - Preview

Vade Nutrition

One of the most, if not the most, innovative products in sports nutrition at this year’s Arnold’s Expo, has got to be the Vade Nutrition Dissolvable Protein Scoops. While this may not be a brand-new product on the market, it still stood out as something new to many of those here in attendance. Vade Nutrition was founded by husband and wife team Joe and Megan Johnson. They are the inventors of the (patent pending) first and only portable protein powder, in a pre-packaged dissolvable scoop. This brand was taken to the next level, when Joe and Megan stepped into the “Shark Tank” on Season 10 - Episode 6, where they pitched Vade Nutrition to the “Sharks” and walked out with a deal with Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez!

Vade Nutrition Dissolvable Protein Scoops Formulas:

Now the innovative idea is cool and all, but we know all of you really want to know, does the formula stack up? Well, we have to say it passed the test for us. Made with a proprietary, 100% whey isolate protein, it’s fast absorbing and a very lean protein. Each dissolvable protein scoop gives you a solid 20g of protein, with zero fat and zero sugar, 4.4g of BCAAs and only 1g of carbohydrates. The dissolvable film used to hold in the protein, is made from 100% food grade ingredients and has been tested to be totally safe to be ingested.

When we added one pouch to 10oz of cold water, it took only a few seconds of shaking, to give a smooth, frothy mix that tastes great. The Vade Nutrition Dissolvable Protein Scoops are sold in convenient resealable packaging, with 30 scoops per package. You can purchase either vanilla or chocolate, or even a combo pack of 15 servings of each flavour.

For more info, check the Vade Nutrition website, Instagram and Facebook pages for updates. 


Some images sourced from the Vade Nutrition website.