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TC Nutrition Hydra Burn Preview

TC Nutrition is most well-known for its Batch 27 pre-workout, but for some time we hadn’t heard much from the brand. It was in May that we brought word of TC Nutrition Essential Series launching. Just a short time ago, it was announced that the brand is releasing the new TC Nutrition Hydra Burn. This is a powdered fat burner, loaded with ingredients formulated to assist with losing weight, appetite suppression, providing sustained energy, and replenishing electrolytes. The formula starts with 600 mg of an electrolyte blend consisting of sodium, coconut water powder, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Sustained energy is supported through the inclusion of 150 mg caffeine anhydrous and 50 mg caffeine citrate, as well as 100 mg Theobromine, which may help keep blood pressure lower and improve mental alertness. Hydra Burn has a substantial list of ingredients to help with weight loss, including 3 grams of l-carnitine, CLA, raspberry ketones, green coffee extract, garcinia Cambogia, and green tea extract. We also see the addition of 600 mg ashwagandha, an ingredient that some research has suggested is beneficial to help reduce stress and anxiety. The formula is rounded out with 5 mg of black pepper extract, shown to help improve absorption within the body. TC Nutrition Hydra Burn is sold in a 315-gram bottle, with 30 servings per container for $44.99, and you can choose between Lemon Iced Tea and Rocket Pop flavors. To have a new supplement previewed, email info@muscleinsider.com