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SupplementSource Gets New Website

SupplementSource.ca has upped the dose by upgrading their website which goes live tomorrow! Their mission is to provide you with the absolute best online shopping experience and the best prices for supplements here in Canada. Our editorial team got to test drive the new website before it was live so we can give you the lowdown on what we thought. 

SupplementSource.ca Website Preview 

Overall, the website has a much cleaner look and is noticeably easier to navigate. But let’s get under the hood and look at the technical side of the website. It’s built in Shopify so you’re going to notice it feels familiar with the top websites when you surf around. Over 1.5 million websites are built using Shopify (which is also a Canadian company) so we’re glad to see SupplementSoure.ca supporting a fellow Canadian company by building their website with Shopify. You’ll also notice that it’s mobile friendly and loads REALLY fast! So, if you need to lose fat fast and get your supplements before this weekend, supplementsource.ca has you covered! Building a website using Shopify also allows you to feel confident that it’s secure with your personal information, credit card numbers etc. Good job to the guys at SupplementSource.ca for making this change. 

Supplement Deals

SupplementSource.ca has always been an amazing destination for deals and the new website did not stop this focus. Deals are indeed the focus which is very apparent right on the home page where they zoned in (pun intended) with two sections “Sales Zone” and the “Deal Zone”. 

Here’s what SupplementSource.ca had to say:

“We’re excited to reveal the new look of SupplementSource.ca. This is the finished product of months of hard work and many sleepless nights. Our sole purpose was to update our site and create a better shopping experience for you. Yes, we listened to your feedback. We’ve created more Combo’s, better BOGO’s and have worked with our suppliers to get you the best prices in Canada. And we’ve totally revamped our Checkout process! You’ll now be able to checkout with ease and get your supps faster.”

New Website Features

The site now comes with some new features like a Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) calculator as well as being able to sort by your goals. You can now choose from 9 categories of goals including weight loss, weight gain, immunity support, joint support etc. But wait, there’s more!  

Shopping Cart - Easy to add or remove items in your cart and it totals how much you are about to spend but it also shows you how much more you need to spend before additional discounts apply. That’s a great feature that allows you to save even more and not have to get that phone calculator out of your pocket! The cart also allows easy entry of discount codes. We’d love to see them bring back their old affiliate code system with this. 

Live Chat - To set them apart from the competition, they’ve added a Live Chat widget powered by Tidio. This allows you to get instant help from a live agent to help you with anything you need. We couldn’t help but try it out to ask them if Big Ramy will win the Olympia!

Blog - Glad to see this active and we already saw some helpful articles on you guessed it, supplements! This also helps them improve their SEO which we were impressed to see. 

The only improvement we would make is to have their social media pages more prominent and easier to find. We know they’re mainly an online retailer but their Instagram page is very popular and they’ve been investing more in this area so be proud to showcase this area. With the massive web traffic their website already gets, converting their shoppers to fans of their social media pages could be a complete game changer and compliment their business. But heck, if this is the only thing we’d improve, they’re in a great spot!

If you get a chance to check out the new improved supplementsource.ca website, you won’t be disappointed. Great selection, great service, fast orders and great deals! 

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