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Supplement Review XPN Iso Xtrem

As a Canadian company (and being naturally patriotic people), we’re always thrilled to see other Canadian companies providing standout products for athletes. XPN is one such company. Based in Quebec, XPN has been in the supplement industry for many years as both a contract manufacturer of other companies’ products and a brand itself. It carries an extensive product lineup under the XPN brand to address every phase of an athlete’s day, from training to general health and wellness. It has several different product lines for different needs, but its Classic Series houses the largest number of products, including its Iso Xtrem protein, which this supplement review digs into.

XPN Iso Xtrem Protein

Iso Xtrem protein is a high-quality whey protein isolate made to support your recovery and growth. In terms of human performance, whey-based protein powders are the absolute best protein sources commercially available. Delving deeper into the different types of whey protein that exist (there are many), whey isolates are at the top of the quality scale because of the processing they undergo. This removes the fat and carbohydrates (lactose), leaving a very clean protein source. Whey protein isolate supplements are great to use anytime throughout the day as their fast-digesting nature allows them to quickly digest and feed your muscles the amino acids they require for growth and repair. But if we had to pick a single time to use whey isolate, it would be the post-workout period. A whey isolate is easily digested, so it gets into your system quickly without requiring a lot of work. This is ideal for after your workout when your body is recovering and the protein (via amino acids) help keeps you from going catabolic, where your muscles actually start eating themselves!

XPN Iso Xtrem Protein Under the Microscope

Each scoop weighs 30 grams and contains 27 grams of protein, which makes it 90 percent protein (by weight), which is one of the highest concentrations of protein we’ve ever reviewed. A closer look at the Nutrition Facts table demonstrates how clean this protein is, with zero grams of fat and carbs. The calorie count is at 108 per serving, making it a great option to supplement with throughout the day, to add as part of a meal or to just drink to satisfy your sweet tooth! The detailed processing XPN uses for Iso Xtrem includes cold extraction and micro-filtration. These processes are less harsh than others, leaving a pure protein behind without denaturing the protein. This increases the bioavailability, giving you greater growth potential. Iso Xtrem is also gluten and lactose free, allowing a wider audience to enjoy it.

Looking at the (short) ingredient list accounts for the remaining scoop weight. It comprises a variety of flavouring ingredients including stevia and sucralose, which is fully disclosed right down to the milligram! We liked that type of full disclosure, and it speaks to the quality that goes into XPN supplements as a whole. This is a very small dose of sucralose, which is not known to cause digestive distress.

Delicious Gains

Iso Xtrem is available in a wide variety of flavours, but the regular flavours range from plain to fruity to tropical and desserts. Our group had the chance to try the Cookies & Cream and Chocolate flavours and were VERY impressed. Both flavours were rich, smooth and true to the names—both truly tasted like dessert, without any sugar! We noted that the web page marked Cookies & Cream and Chocolate with “improved flavour,” and we will give full credit for the team who worked on the taste profiles. You nailed it!

Limited-Edition Flavours

Additionally, XPN releases limited-edition flavours throughout the year. Trust us, you’ll want to grab these when you see them! Current examples of these include Black Forest Cake and Piña Colada. Our editorial team is going to keep an eye on these limited options to see what else XPN creates. They also have a plain flavour which is very rare in the whey isolate market!

Protein Buffet

A unique feature of XPN’s Iso Xtrem is the availability of a one-pound tub. This smaller sized tub is perfect for people who travel on a regular basis or just like to try a variety of flavours without committing to a large two- or five-pound tub. You can purchase a few different flavours to throw in your gym bag or right beside the cat food in the cupboard! Rotate the flavours with each shake you make to keep it interesting. Try mixing half-and-half flavours to change it up. Include variety throughout your week to form a protein powder buffet!

Government-Inspected Manufacturing Facility

XPN manufactures its own supplements in a state-of-the-art facility in Quebec, Canada. This allows it to customize products with unique flavours and sizes, but it also allows it to react quickly to new innovations in nutrition and supplementation and bring products to market with this innovation without the slow turnaround faced by most companies. The company also has its own distribution team, so there's no middleman, which allows XPN to offer retailers and you, the consumer, a very high-quality product at a reasonable price. And being a contract manufacturer of supplements, XPN must undergo rigorous government inspections to ensure that it’s putting what’s on the label in the product and meeting all other government requirements. Thus, we’re confident that all products with the XPN brand name on them meet label claims and will match the quality standards we experienced first-hand with the Iso Xtrem whey isolate.

XPN Is Devoted to Quality

Founder Daniel Berube had the vision to create a brand focused on elevating the supplement industry’s quality standards. As such, XPN is transparent with all its products, listing every ingredient explicitly on the label. A quick visit to the XPN website (xpnworld.com) will show you the vast range of products available to choose from. XPN products are on the shelves of many stores throughout Quebec and Ontario, but watch for them to make a huge leap forward across Canada in 2021. If you can’t find XPN products at your favourite store, tell the store owner, but in the meantime, you can purchase all XPN products at xpnworld.com.

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