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Supplement Review: Perfect Sports Onset

Perfect Sports

With all the research that’s come out lately on natural ingredients that can improve mental performance, this product—Onset Brain Fuel—is both well-placed and well-formulated, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it quickly became a leader in the search for better cerebral performance.

Of course, it’s perfectly suited to students and ambitious executives, but don’t be surprised if it catches on with gamers and folks who want laser focus (and even improved fat burning and exercise performance) in the gym. Heck, just about anyone who wants pure, unclouded mental energy and clarity throughout the day would find this product incredibly helpful.

Perfect Sports ensures all ingredients are provided in clinically tested dosages, so there’s no doubt you’ll actually “feel” the mental energy provided from the first dose. A full 1,000 milligrams of agmatine ensures improved blood flow and support of the neural pathways that are vital to mental focus and clarity of thought. At the same time, the product reduces feelings of nervousness and anxiety, which might be experienced when relying on heavily stimulant-based formulas. As a synergistic ingredient to accompany agmatine, quercetin is added, which not only helps further heighten blood flow but also helps quench the relatively high output of free radicals produced by your grey matter. You see, the brain is working all the time—there’s no rest or downtime—making it the primary energy-requiring organ in the human body. Such high energy turnover creates damaging oxidation and free radicals.

The next key ingredient is choline bitartrate, a highly absorbable form of choline. This ingredient was endorsed in an edition of the esteemed Harvard Health Letter in which the authors stated, “…the nutrient may be something of a ‘brain food’ that fends off cognitive decline.” The dosage advocated in the article was 250 milligrams; Onset contains 300.

To further bolster energy, alertness, and memory function, huperzine A is also included. This natural ingredient is known to have the ability to arrive intact at the site of action in the brain and can deliver a distinct stimulatory boost to your senses, instigating superior mental function and alertness. Onset Brain Fuel’s dosage is based on what’s been used in research; 60 micrograms is used to reap optimal benefits.

Finally, half a gram of good old vitamin C rounds out the formula. Vitamin C supports GABA receptor integrity, reduces stress-induced cortisol production, and minimizes anxiety. It’s these effects that are likely behind the outcome of recent scientific studies that showed similar effects in students, along with increased levels of concentration.

All in all, this combination of cutting-edge ingredients and clinically validated dosages places Onset Brain Fuel at the forefront of nootropic supplements aimed at those who insist on peak mental performance and clarity, with the added advantage of protecting your “cerebral equipment” from untoward free-radical damage and decline. 

For more info on fueling your brain with Onset, visit perfectsports.net