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Supplement Review: Cellucor Cor-Performance Isolate


Supplement Review: Cellucor Cor-Performance Isolate

By the Editors

When Cellucor releases a new product, the entire supplement industry takes notice. You see, the dominance Cellucor has in the pre-workout category with C4 makes it a massive threat to any other category it enters. Its latest product, Cor-Performance Isolate, is just that. And if you’ve read our last review on C4 Extreme Energy, you know Cellucor has been hitting products out of the park with cutting-edge formulas that taste great and meet label claims, while delivering a quality product you can trust. Cellucor’s success in the fitness industry cannot be denied. Its products have lined shelves and web pages since its launch in 2002, and for good reason. High-quality ingredients that are backed by science form the base of its supps, with great taste rounding out the formula. Together, these factors leave athletes satisfied and coming back for more.

Cellucor Cor-Performance Isolate Contains 100% Whey Isolate

Cellucor’s Cor-Performance Isolate is just what you’d expect: 100 percent whey isolate, no crap you don’t need! This newcomer joins three other proteins Cellucor has (Cor-Performance Whey, Whey Sport, and Isopro Grass-Fed Native Whey). Each of these proteins fits a different consumer, depending on their goals and their budget. Canadians have been begging for Cellucor to drop a whey isolate into the market, so this product couldn’t have come soon enough!

Keeping It Simple and Clean

While protein supplements can be used any time during the day, many athletes make use of them in the post-workout time frame. To allow for individuality, Cellucor has taken the smart approach and kept the product simple: a solid dose of 100 percent clean whey protein isolate with minimal fat and carbs. Based on your goals, your diet may or may not allow for other nutrients, but you can always add those in yourself. With Cellucor’s Cor-Performance Isolate, you have the ability to tailor your protein-based meal to suit your needs.

Cor-Performance Isolate Contains No Amino Spiking

One scoop (32.2 grams) delivers 25 grams of whole, intact whey protein isolate with no amino spiking. That's 77.64% protein (dry weight) which is outstanding because it's not amino/protein spiked. Unfortunately, Cellucor has to compete with many smaller unscrupulous companies who take a dishonest approach and make “fake” whey protein isolate by “amino spiking” their inferior protein powders. The process of amino spiking is done by blending a low-cost whey concentrate with even lower cost amino acids such as arginine, glycine, glutamine, and taurine. Since all of these additives contain a ton of nitrogen but no carbs or no fat, they appear to be protein because the lab test for protein content just tests the nitrogen level of a powder. These scam products trip the lab test and “pass” off the protein as a whey isolate when they are merely a low-grade whey concentrate mixed with dirt cheap amino acids! A quick look at the Cor-Performance Isolate label shows there is absolutely no “extra” nitrogen containing ingredients such as BCAAs, arginine, glutamine, taurine, creatine, or glycine, so there’s more of what you want. Cellucor’s basic list of ingredients reaffirms the quality of the product: You get the whey isolate that you need and only what you need.

How To Spot Amino Spiking

In addition to looking at the label for added glutamine, glycine, glutamic acid, taurine, creatine, and beta alanine, watch out for tiny clear crystals as these are sometimes free-form amino acids mixed in with the protein. These often look like glass shavings and are easy to see in chocolate and other off-coloured powders when you open up your protein tub but are nearly impossible to see in vanilla or cookies n’ cream flavours. These aminos don’t “stick” to the chocolate colouring in the powder when it’s manufactured, which is why they’re visible. Whey proteins that are rich in amino acids will often have a slight ammonia smell (from the aminos) and will give the powder a sandy, almost chunky feel when you run your hands through it. Real whey isolate such as Cor-Performance Isolate has a light, fluffy powder with no off colour, a delicious smell, and an outstanding taste. The last way to spot a “fake” isolate is by looking at the price. Don’t buy the cheapest whey isolate on the shelf because it’s almost always spiked with amino acids. Quality whey isolate is expensive; even for the large companies such as Cellucor who buy metric tons of the stuff, real isolate costs more. Stick with the larger companies who can’t afford to destroy their reputation by taking shortcuts.

Cor-Performance Isolate Is Banned Substance Free

Staying one step ahead of its competition, Cellucor offers an additional bonus with the Informed Choice stamp. This logo lets you know the product has gone through testing for any banned substances found on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list. For any athlete competing in a drug-tested sport, this is crucial and provides you with the peace of mind of knowing the product has already been lab tested. Backed with 50 years of anti-doping experience, products on WADA’s safe list undergo testing on a monthly basis. So, you’re safe to drink up! Cellucor keeps it simple by boasting a short ingredient list. How short, exactly? Well, the Fudge Chocolate Brownie includes a mere seven ingredients, including cocoa powder, natural flavours, and sodium, with a few stabilizers and sweeteners rounding out the group.

Cor-Performance Isolate Taste Test

Without a doubt, protein tops the list of the most widely used supplements. From the weekend warrior to competitive bodybuilders, everyone has a use for a boost of protein throughout the day. Social-media stars have even found a niche creating baked goods with protein powders, proving that the days of simply mixing chalky products into a shaker of water are long gone. (Thankfully!)

Today, sports-supplement manufacturers must produce protein supplements that meet a higher standard than those of even a decade ago. Gritty, chalky, ill-flavoured products won’t survive on shelves. Rather, companies are pressuring one another to produce new and exciting flavours ranging from delectable desserts, such as fudge chocolate brownie, to childhood favourites, such as fruity cereal loops. When it comes to flavours, Cellucor always rises to meet the taste challenge, as evidenced by its complete line of products. The first wave of Cor-Performance Isolate features Vanilla Wafer and Fudge Chocolate Brownie, two long-time favourite dessert classics.

Our editorial team underwent the stressful task of sampling the Fudge Chocolate Brownie. We know, we know—our lives are rough. We took this hit just so you, our loyal readers, can benefit in the long run. Among our panel of 10 taste-testers, nine gave it a solid two thumbs-up while the tenth asking for a second serving, “just to be able to give it a thorough review.”

It’s safe to say the product once again lives up to Cellucor’s high standard. The powder blends well into water, making a smooth texture, with no lumps, clumps, or grit to be found at the bottom of our empty shaker cup. The flavour is closer to a milky, hot chocolate, served cold. We’re even wondering if this could work as an iced coffee drink. Either way, it goes down easily without an overly strong chocolate taste.

Cor-Performance Isolate Prescription

For those who value high-quality products with no fluff or fillers, Cellucor’s Cor-Performance Isolate comes in as one of the highest quality proteins we’ve ever tested. This product is ideal for elite athletes who want a 100 percent pure isolate that they can trust to meet label claim, that tastes great, and that looks cool (hey, we had to say it as everyone knows Cellucor has the coolest packaging in the industry). It’s perfect for controlling your carb and fat intake, and is perfect for those who can’t tolerate lactose or those sensitive to gluten since it’s gluten free. We give Cor-Performance Isolate our highest possible rating of five stars.

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