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Sportika Exports Launches The Scoop Podcast

Fitness Podcasts are a great way to learn more about nutrition, training, contest coverage and the latest news. But there are only a handful of podcasts specific to sports supplements. Stack3d has their podcast as does Fitness Informant, Supp Talk Radio, Supplement Engineer Podcast and a few others. But international supplement distributor Sportika Exports is now getting into the podcast game and we will definitely be all ears on this one! Sportika CEO Rich White has been in the supplement game for decades and he’s one of the most knowledgeable and brutally honest guys in the supplement industry. Their podcast will be called “The Scoop” and here’s what Rich had to say on his vision for the show.

“Something special in the works. Hoping to accomplish a number of things. Help brands, distributors, friends, manufacturers, brokers, retailers, innovators, formulators, salesman, CEO’s and every any person in our industry.  I want to help restore the faith, loyalty, honesty and integrity this industry once had. Funny part is I don’t have a solid plan, just a dam rock solid passion for this business and want to do some good. I have no idea where this will lead - just going to put my head down and run. Let’s have some fun, laughs, ideas, and create new global networks that can lift us all. With COVID going on I feel more compelled than ever to help all of us get back to the new normal.” 

-Rich White, CEO Sportika Exports

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