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Sniper Pre-Workout Supplement Review


Sniper Pre-Workout Supplement Review

Sniper is the name of Precision’s newest pre-workout and it’s already creating a lot of attention. In the world of pre-workout products, there’s so many out there so how does Sniper stand out above the rest? Obviously, there are individual preferences on taste, but the important question is: Does Sniper improve your workout?

Sniper Pre-Workout

Sniper is a pre-workout brought to you by Precision Supplements, a Toronto-based company which is a division of Jamieson Laboratories, a company with one of the longest histories in the supplement world. Longevity speaks volumes in the supplement industry and with it comes customer assurance, research and quality. Athletes can be certain that Sniper pre-workout contains the highest quality ingredients and have been processed in an impeccable facility. Sniper contains no fillers and uses no artificial colours or dyes. When it comes to the health and safety standards of a product, these factors go a long way with us.

Sniper Pre-Workout Under The Microscope

One of the most impressive details about Sniper is their nutritional label. At first glance, it may not seem like anything noteworthy, but the honest simplicity of it is key. The label provides full disclosure of the formula and one can see that Sniper uses clinically proven ingredients. No proprietary blends and no pixie dusting can be found! It also has no artificial colours or fillers. Muscle Insider readers know that full label transparency is become really hot these days and it’s great to see progressive companies like Precision helping lead this change. You know exactly how much of each ingredient you get with one scoop of Sniper (or two scoops for those stim junkies like us who never follow instructions).

Mixing It Up

Mix one scoop (6.5 g of product) with water 30 – 45 minutes before you start training and grab something heavy! When taking one scoop, the container delivers a solid month’s worth of product, assuming you’re taking it every day. Of course, you may not train every single day but Sniper can be used just as an energy pick-me-up anytime, or you can use it to heighten mental focus at work or school. You can even take it just before you hit the clubs to get your pump on when you hit your dance moves on the floor! (Okay, it won’t help improve your dance moves but the energy rush this stuff delivers will have you rocking the beats 30 minutes after you pop it). Take it dry on your tongue to show how badass you are or simply mix it up in water like we do! 

Beyond the Basics

Energy? Check. Concentration? You bet. Muscular endurance? Yes. The cornerstones of a good pre-workout are covered with Sniper as it delivers effective doses of the usual pre-workout suspects such as caffeine for energy and fat loss, L-Citrulline to help dilate blood vessels so more oxygen and nutrients reach your muscles, and taurine for mental focus. However, Precision isn’t the type of company that just sticks to the basics. They’ve formulated Sniper to take your results to the next level with the inclusion of some unique ingredients to enhance the desired side effects.

Lion’s Mane

One of the more unusual ingredients found in Sniper is Lion’s Mane. This medicinal mushroom is regarded as a superfood for its impact on brain function. The inclusion of 50 mg of Lion’s Mane in a pre-workout can result in cognitive enhancement – like keeping your focus on your working set, rather than the guy beside you slamming weights on the rack. Secondly, it can boost energy without any of the typical stimulant side-effects such as the jitters, which can greatly hinder a workout. To further enhance the cognition and mental focus they've included theanine.


An uncommon ingredient for pre-workout products, ashwagandha offers unique and beneficial effects for your training session. Exercise, especially an intense, heavy lift, is stressful for the body and will cause a spike in cortisol. This catabolic hormone needs to be mitigated for best results with your physique, which is exactly what ashwagandha does. Take it before you hit the gym to prime your body to efficiently handle the upcoming stressor. Ashwagandha also helps increase stamina. 

Sniper Pre-Workout Nirvana

The most sought-after effect of a pre has to be the energy it provides to help you push out more sets and reps. Sniper delivers a solid 200 mg of caffeine per scoop to address this, but layering it with Lion’s Mane and phosphorus enhances the energy boost. Beyond basic energy, improving your muscular endurance will yield a strong workout, where your body pushes through fatigue so no reps are skipped. CarnoSyn®, a patented version of Beta-Alanine, directly impacts your work capacity by improving your muscle endurance, and delaying muscle fatigue. As any lifter knows, the ability to perform more solid reps brings you one step closer to building the physique you’re seeking.

Sniper Energy From Head to Toe

L-Theanine keeps you mentally focused on your workout. A synergistic effect was found when this amino acid was combined with caffeine, promoting cognition and attention. Beyond the mind, your muscular performance will peak with magnesium, phosphorus, and taurine. Specifically, magnesium bisglycinate is a highly bioavailable form of magnesium benefitting nerve transmission and muscle activity. Phosphorus, an electrolyte, needs to be kept in healthy balance in the body for performance. It, along with taurine, plays a role in nerve impulses responsible for muscle activation. Taurine’s ability to balance the body’s water content is also important for proper muscle performance – a dehydrated muscle cell is an unhappy muscle cell, one which will quit before your workout is complete. It's for this reason that Precision also included an electrolytes blend in Sniper. Eletrolytes are lost during exercise but play a critical role in helping muscles and nerves fire at optimal levels.  

Taste Test

Sniper comes in three flavours – Arctic Raspberry, Lemon Freeze, and Rainbow Candy Crush. These are the same three flavours that are available in Precision’s sister product Amino-PLX, making stacking easy to do. We tried the Lemon Freeze flavour of Sniper and it is refreshing, tangy and delicious. It mixes easily and you can add more or less water to adjust sweetness.

Sniper Prescription

Sniper is a solid pre-workout product, delivering a wide variety of clinically proven and time-tested ingredients to serve many purposes. Sniper was formulated with multi-faceted approach in mind to improve various components of human performance, going beyond the basic pre-workout function of boosting energy. The attention to detail also from a health standpoint makes this product one we are confident to recommend. The transparent ingredient list and dosage information on Sniper’s label is the icing on the cake. Start off with one scoop and dry-scoop it on your tongue (if you dare!) or mixed in water to experience its effects and enjoy the delicious taste. Move up to two scoops only if you need to.