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Shaker Sleeves - Preview

Shaker Sleeves

Dominic Giacona is the inventor/founder of Shaker Sleeves, who pursued his idea to bring his idea to life during his last year in the military. Knowing he would need lots of funding to get this launched, especially since he was creating a new market, never seen before, he reached out to friends and family first. That first day, he had 4 of his shipmates invest. A short time later, Dominic partnered with Layne Norton, PhD and Chris Hairston to help him build the Shaker Sleeves brand.

If you are like us, we’re sure you workout and supplement with pre-workouts and protein shakes. We have no doubt you have also experienced the nasty smell and bacteria build-up, in a shaker cup that was not properly washed. This is where Shaker Sleeves come in to play. Designed to fit into your shaker cup, there are two sizes of Shaker Sleeves. The larger sleeve fits in first, for you to use for your post-workout protein shake and the smaller sleeve fits inside of the first, so you can use it for your pre-workout beverage. Once you have finished your pre-workout, or your protein shake, simply slip out the Shaker Sleeve and toss it. Great for people that are on the road a lot for work.

For more information, be sure to check out the Shaker Sleeves website, as well as their Instagram and Facebook pages.


Images sourced from Shaker Sleeves website and/or Instagram.