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Rule 1 Pre Amino Energy Now In Rainbow Candy

Rule 1 just launched a 7th flavor Rainbow Candy of their Pre-Amino Energy which tells you how popular the product must be! Pre-Amino Energy delivers 30 servings at $19.99 from which works out to 67 cents per serving. What’s in it? Each 8.3 gram serving contains 3,250 mg of 6 of the 9 EAAs your body needs (2,500 mg of which are BCAAs), with 600 mg of Carnosyn branded Beta Alanine, 600 mg of Citrulline and half a gram of Glutamine. For the energy part of the formula, Pre-Amino Energy contains 100 mg of caffeine from a blend of Green Tea and Organic Coffeeberry® Whole Coffee. Like all Rule One products, this one's made in their own manufacturing facility to allow them to produce a quality product at a good price. To have a new supplement previewed email info@muscleinsider.com.