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Redcon1 Vitamin C Basic Training Series


An exciting new launch that was just released this week, is the Redcon1 Vitamin C Basic Training Series. This product is a straightforward, single-ingredient vitamin C, which comes in a 120 tablet bottle. The suggested serving is one tablet, which provides one gram of vitamin C (as ascorbic acid). Some of the commonly known benefits of vitamin C consumption are immune system support, nervous system support and its antioxidant properties.

The interesting part of this new launch is the inclusion of “Basic Training Series” in the product name. This leads us to assume there may be further single-ingredient products released in the future.

We have not confirmed yet, as to when we can expect to see the new Redcon1 Vitamin C Basic Training Series in Canada. We will be keeping our eyes open for this. For more information, visit the Redcon1 website and be sure to stay up to date with them on Instagram.

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