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Redcon1 FUBAR Preview


Redcon1 is set to launch an all new RTD (Ready to Drink) energy shot called FUBAR (Fueled Up Beyond All Recognition). This marks Redcon1’s first entry into the energy shot category. FUBAR is an on-the-go energy shot that promises to deliver long lasting energy, improve mental focus, and is packed with B-vitamins.

The new Redcon1 FUBAR will come in a convenient three-ounce shot, that fits easily into any gym bag, so you never have to worry about hitting the gym, or an afternoon crash, without a quick boost of energy to get you through. FUBAR’s initial release will only see it available in Cherry-Lime flavour, but if the launch of this energy shot is as successful as we anticipate it to be, we have little doubt that other creative flavours will soon follow.

There is very little information otherwise available at this time, and we have not seen a supplement facts panel, but more details should be revealed shortly. While there is no specific launch date announced yet, FUBAR is launching by the end of February. We will keep our eyes open to see when this new Redcon1 FUBAR may be available in Canada.

For more information and to stay up to date, visit the Redcon1 website and check out their Instagram page.

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