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Rainbow Unicorn Energy Drink From The Makers of BANG

If you’re anything like us, chances are you’ve enjoyed an energy drink or two. It’s no secret that Bang Energy has positioned its brand as a leader in the category. Under the leadership of Bang Energy’s CEO Jack Owoc we’ve seen some exciting and innovative flavors added to the lineup like Frosé Rosé, and Radical Skadattle. The newest product the team from Bang is set to release is the new Rainbow Unicorn energy drink. What’s intriguing about this launch, is that we’re not talking about a new flavor of Bang, but a brand new energy drink product line. Fans can see from the logo that this is a product from the makers of Bang, with the addition of the “B” aspect of the Bang logo as part of the brand name. They’ve even copywritten the term “Rainbow Unicorn” which was one of the most popular flavors of BANG.

The new Rainbow Unicorn website explains, “From deep inside a novel new metaverse called the Ultraverse™, the Rainbow Unicorn® emerges.”

Rainbow Unicorn is a Fun EnergyTM fuel with immune-boosting ingredients, in 6 fun flavors, to make your fantasies come true. While you won’t find creatine, or some of the more exotic ingredients that you will in Bang, each 12oz can of Rainbow Unicorn is packed with vitamins and electrolytes, and provides 200 mg of caffeine, with no sugar, no carbs, low-sodium content, and it’s gluten-free. This highly functional new energy drink creates an entirely new category of beverages. Once launched, Rainbow Unicorn will be available in a wide range of flavors including Boysenberry Violet, Blue Razz®, Exotic Fruit, Peach Mango, Watermelon, and Swirly PopTM(which was originally a 7-11 exclusive flavor for Bang Energy).

While Rainbow Unicorn has not yet launched, you don’t have to miss out on the fun! You can sign up on the website to be first in line for the first Rainbow Unicorn drop! Plus, you’ll get a special discount when you do.

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