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PVL Performance Series Gets New Look

Canadian supplement company PVL has two divisions of their product line (Performance Series and Gold Series). As Scott Welch explained in the below video, the “Gold Series” is where you get more of the all-in-one formulas, more innovative ingredients, ultra premium etc. Their recent  DOMIN8 pre-workout is a great example of the kind of formulas under this series. Whereas the “Performance Series” has more of the single ingredient products, very clean, safe product line that’s been trusted by competitive athletes and those subjected to drug testing. No banned substances in any formulas, very clean and straightforward foundational products. But in looking closer at the new Performance Series labels, it looks like PVL is moving towards more of a natural line or at least that appears to be the case with ISO Sport Whey. We’re not sure if this clean green look will be applied to all products but we’ll keep tracking the brand to see where they go. 

Here's what PVL had to say about the sneak preview: 


PVL stands for 25 years of quality and an unsurpassed vision to provide athletes the best in sports nutrition. With experience comes innovation and evolution.  Here's a sneak peak behind the scenes with our creative team as they work on the latest and greatest updates. Tell us what you think!