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PVL EAA Plus BCAA Complete Icy Blue Storm

It was roughly one year ago that PVL (Pure Vita Labs) released its new PVL Gold Series EAA + BCAA Complete, which launched with Tropical Punch and Sweet Iced Tea flavours. The team has now just released a third flavour to join the lineup, with Icy Blue Storm. This is a Mortal Kombat inspired flavour named after the blue storm Raiden creates when he’s about to zap the life out of any creature that stands before him! With the new Mortal Combat movie now in theatres, this is a timely flavor for fans of PVL, Mortal Combat, and Raiden of course! This is part of their Gold Series line of PVL products which also includes DOMIN8, 100% WHEY ISOGOLD, KETO BOOM, and GLUTAMINE GOLD+. There are 30 servings per 330-gram container, with each serving providing 7,200 mg of instantized amino acids, made up of 2,200 mg of EAAs and 5,000 mg of BCAAs in a 2:1:1 ratio. The focus blend in the formula provides 500 mg of Taurine, 300 mg of Tyrosine, 150 mg Lions Mane, and 50 mg Siberian Ginseng. The formula also has 10 different B vitamins and electrolytes. A storm is coming, so be sure to visit pvl.com to be one of the first to purchase this new flavour.

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