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PVL DOMIN8 Pre-Workout Coming Soon

Just last week, we shared the news of a new pre-workout is coming from PVL. We still don't know what's in it, PVL is saying this is the biggest product drop in PVL history and they’re about to redefine the pre-workout category! While we can’t yet share any of the ingredients that will be in the PVL Gold Series DOMIN8 formula (as we don't know these ourselves!), we do know that DOMIN8 aims to provide enhanced muscle pumps, increased energy, and improved focus. DOMIN8 will be sold in a standard 40-serving tub, as well as a pack of 12 single-serving stick packs for one flavour. The launch is set for May 2021 and will have three flavours, which consist of Arctic Blue Slush, Mango Punch, and Tropical Knock Out. For on-the-go convenience, Arctic Blue will be the only flavour for the stick packs. 

Just for signing up, fans will get VIP access to the pre-launch of the new PVL Gold Series pre-workout and they’ll also receive a FREE $45 gift bundle with purchase. Sign up on the the PVL pre-launch webpage.