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Pure + Kombucha Preview


As you may well know, Kombucha has rapidly grown in popularity, with the increasing research efforts into improving gut health. Kombucha is prepared through the process of fermentation, which produces a number of healthy probiotic bacteria. Pure+ Kombucha has taken the approach of making their kombucha functional. Using no artificial ingredients, Pure+ Kombucha is certified organic, raw, live and unpasteurized and uses specific ingredients known for their health benefits.

Pure+ Kombucha is brewed using freshest teas and high-quality ingredients, then is fermented for a long period of time. The packaging of the dark glass bottles aren't just used for its trendy look. It has a functional purpose of shutting out light from coming in so that live digestive enzymes and probiotics can stay alive. 

Pure+ Kombucha is available in four distinct offerings;

Happy is a light kombucha, with lavender and other beneficial herbs, which can help to relieve anxiety and stress. Detox is a green tea kombucha made in a craft brew style. Lemon, ginger and turmeric balance the slightly spicy undertone of herbs, which have been shown to aid in detoxifying your body. Energy has yerba mate, raspberry, hibiscus and lemon to give you a natural boost of energy to keep up with the hectic pace of daily life. And finally, you will find Refresh is a light and invigorating kombucha made with cucumber and the super greens spirulina and chlorella.

For more information, visit the Pure+ website, Instagram, and Facebook pages.