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Progressive Nutrition MCT Oil Powder Contains C8Vantage by NNB Nutrition

Progressive is a proudly Canadian company, providing a comprehensive and innovative line of branded vitamins, minerals, and sports nutrition supplements. A trusted brand under the Jamieson company portfolio, Progressive develops products that have been scientifically-researched, taste good, and are effective. One of these products is Progressive MCT Oil Powder. This is a much more portable format than the typical oil form of MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides), plus this easy-to-use powder is odorless and tasteless and can be added to any liquid, hot or cold. You won't have to worry about messes and the powder mixes instantly. MCT Oil is sourced from Palm Kernel Oil or Coconut Oil. MCTs are a group of different carbon length fats: C6, C8, C10, and C12. For example, C6 has 6 carbons in its chain and C8 has 8 carbon units in its chain. The shorter the chain number, the faster it's metabolized in your body, and the quicker it produces ketones. The most desirable of all MCTs is C8 as it burns rapidly without causing stomach upset or a burning sensation. C6 on the other hand is intolerable. MCTs are rapidly converted into ketone bodies, providing a clean source of energy as well as providing other health benefits. Progressive MCT Oil Powder uses C8Vantage™ MCT powder, which is the most innovative MCT powder we've ever studied and contains 95% MCT C8 MCTs. The formula is naturally flavoured with no artificial sweeteners, gluten-free, keto-friendly, vegan-friendly, and sugar-free.

Why C8Vantage by NNB Nutrition?

In nature, Coconut oil only contains 3% C8 so this isn’t a good option if you're on a keto diet and want to increase levels of C8. Typical MCT oil powder which can be derived from coconut oil contains roughly 55% C8. NNB Nutrition’s C8Vantage contains 95% C8, which is the highest value we’ve seen. A clinical study showed that MCT C8 has the highest ketogenic effect over 4~8 hours, producing 300% (4X) more ketones than coconut oil and 21% more ketones than regular MCT.

No Maltodextrin or Dairy 

C8Vantage also contains no maltodextrin which is most often used in cheaper MCT oil powders on the market, as it forms part of the powder portion of the MCT oil powder. Instead of maltodextrin, C8Vantage contains a tapioca prebiotic fiber that also helps with gut health and does not spike insulin levels like maltodextrin. In addition, many MCT oil powders also contain dairy from a milk protein that helps bind everything together, acting as a “carrier,” but C8Vantage uses pea protein instead. This makes C8Vantage an all-vegan MCT Oil powder source. Due to its composition, C8Vantage has no impact on blood glucose or insulin, and it yields the highest production of ketones compared to lower cost MCT powders and coconut oil.

To learn more about C8Vantage and other innovations from the NNB team, be sure to visit the NNB Nutrition website.