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Pro Line Nutrition Dynamine Preview

Just last week we brought news of Pro Line Nutrition’s TeaCrine new product release. The brand has also launched the new Pro Line Nutrition Dynamine™ (methylliberine), a fast-acting, high-impact ingredient found in Kucha tea, and is a chemical cousin of both caffeine and TeaCrine®. Dynamine combined with caffeine has been shown to improve energy, mood, alertness, and focus. It is believed to be a product that will position itself well in the energy category, backed-by-science benefits, and a growing list of toxicology, safety, and efficacy studies. In a recently completed university study, it was found the combination of caffeine and Dynamine allows you to get a much longer-lasting energy boost than you would be using the same amount of caffeine alone.

Each capsule of Pro Line Dynamine has 105 mg methylliberine (as Dynamine) and 2 mcg Vitamin B12. With a suggested serving size of 1 capsule, the 60 capsule bottle provides a two-month supply. It is believed that Dynamine (alone or in combination with TeaCrine®️) is able to activate the central nervous system without negatively impacting the Cardiovascular system.

For more information, be sure to visit the Proline Nutrition website and follow them on Instagram to stay up to date with everything new the brand is bringing to the market.

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