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Pro Line Ammo Pre-Workout Shot

Back in April, we previewed the new Pro Line Clean Muscle lean gainer which is unlike any gainer or lean gainer we've ever seen. What really makes Clean Muscle different is not what's in it but what's NOT in it. The formula contains just 3 ingredients! To read more on Clean Muscle click here. Not wanting to slow down when it comes to innovation, Pro Line has developed what could be the best way to get the workout party started! They've developed the industry's first Pre-Workout Shooter! Unlike traditional pre-workouts that are formulated to mix with anywhere from 200 to 500 mL of water, this new Ammo Pre-Workout Shot is developed to mix with just 60-75 mL of water and taken as a shot prior to training.

Pro Line Ammo Formula

The formula is even more intense compared to the original Pro Line Ammo, with additional ingredients like a massive 3 grams of Taurine, 600 mg Nobile Orchid (a.k.a. Dendrobium), 1 gram of Glycine, and 450 mg of the branded ingredient Peak ATP. To upgrade their original Ammo formula, they also tripled their Agmatine Sulfate dose to 1.5 grams and doubled their Betaine to 2 grams per serving! So you've definitely going to feel this product working. The first flavor to be released will be Jello Shot, which couldn’t be more suited for this kind of pre-workout. If you follow the suggested one scoop serving size, the 222-gram pre-workout will give you 20 servings per container. Pro Line AMMO can be purchased at SupplementSource.ca

Be sure to visit the Pro Line website to keep up to date with everything new the brand is bringing to the market. You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook.