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Optimum Nutrition Cookies & Cream Protein Almonds And Protein Cake Bites

Thanks to our good friends at Optimum Nutrition, we just got in the Cookies & Cream flavoured Protein Almonds and Protein Cake Bites! This is the first time we've seen Optimum parallel the same flavour in these two very different snacks but we’re not complaining!  Cookies & Cream is a very popular flavour in protein powders, weight gainers, meal replacements so we're happy to see this flavour in the on-the-go Protein Almonds and Protein Cake Bites. We reviewed Optimum’s Protein Almonds earlier this year, if you missed it click HERE. Each serving has 10 g of protein, 15 grams of carbohydrates (2 g of sugar, 10 grams of sugar alcohols and 1 g of fiber). The coating on Optimum’s Protein Almonds is made with sugar alcohols so these are not going to have the same impact on blood sugar levels that ordinary chocolate covered almonds would have. Each packet is 43 grams and makes up one serving and is sold individually or in boxes of 12. Unlike regular coated almonds, Optimum’s Protein Almonds have two times more protein making this a great high-protein snack. But what we LOVE most about this snack and the Protein Cake Bites is the delicious taste! All the flavours we've had so far are fantastic and the Cookies & Cream is no exception. 

Protein Cakes Bites Now In Cookies & Cream Too

Hugely popular for Optimum Nutrition these days are their gluten-free Protein Cake Bites. Each serving contains 20 g of protein and are made with a special whipped protein giving it a soft, cake-like consistency. You have to try them to understand how they taste. Each serving (3 mini-cakes) contain 7 g of fat (4.5 g of which are saturated fats) and just 210 calories. Carbohydrates are at 25 grams but only 2 of these grams are from sugar making this a protein snack that's not going to spike insulin level significantly. Visit optimumnutrition.com for more details about the Protein Cake Bites and their Protein Almonds. If you're at the LA FitExpo this weekend, definitely to stop by the Optimum Nutrition booth and tell them Muscle Insider sent ya. Then after the expo, hit Gold’s Gym, Venice later that night for a workout!