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New GRIZZLY Energy Preview

GRIZZLY Energy is a line extension of the GRIZZLY Supplements brand we've seen at GNC Canada this past year. Muscle Insider fans will remember we introduced the GRIZZLY supplement line earlier this year and we're told from some of our GNC insiders that the brand has seen some success so far! GRIZZLY Energy has now launched with two zero-sugar flavours in a 473mL can format; Strawberry Kiwi and Orange Mango.

“Due to the overwhelming success of our GRIZZLY Supplements line, adding GRIZZLY Energy to the energy drink category with its youthful branding and distinct look, was the natural next step to continue the brand’s rapid growth.“ said Andrew Drayson, CEO and co-founder of DD Sports Nutrition. “With our 16+ years of experience in this category, we wanted to target the everyday energy drink consumer. One who is conscious of their caloric intake, but still wants great taste. GRIZZLY Energy delivers with only 10 calories per can and two great tasting flavours.“

While the original GRIZZLY Supplements line is exclusive to GNC stores in Canada, the new GRIZZLY Energy Drinks will also be found outside of GNC. GRIZZLY Supplements is a Canadian company based in Surry, British Columbia. To learn more, visit the Grizzly Supplements website.

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