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MUTANT Set to Release New Pre Workout Mystery Box

Ever since it was announced that MUTANT is sponsoring the 2021 Olympia, the hype leading up to the show just keeps getting bigger. It wasn’t too long ago that we shared the news of the MUTANT ALL-IN Olympia Experience with Shawn Ray, an exclusive sweepstake that celebrates the unveiling of MUTANT’S new Pre-Workout formula at the 2021 Olympia in Orlando. Those who enter have a chance to win a myriad of prizes, including an unforgettable VIP event tour hosted by legend Shawn Ray where you will go behind-the-scenes access to the biggest stars in the sport competing at the world’s most prestigious bodybuilding festival. Grand prize winners will receive airfare, hotel accommodations, a MUTANT ALL-IN Mystery Box, and other prizes with a combined value of $5,000.

The MUTANT ALL-IN Mystery Box is a way for fans to get their hands on the soon-to-be-released new pre-workout from MUTANT. Jim McMahon, owner of MUTANT, has said that this new pre-workout will be separate from the brand’s only stimulant pre-workout MUTANT Madness. While there is not much information revealed about this new pre-workout yet, McMahon has said that it will focus less on stimulants, but with a strong performance element to it. In addition to the Grand Prize, entrants will have the opportunity to win one of 20 Second Prize limited edition “mystery boxes” featuring this amazing new product release.

As a part of the massive upcoming new product launch, a key element of the campaign is the limited edition MUTANT mystery box. While the contents of the box remain secretive for now, this box will likely contain an exclusive pre-release bottle of the all-new pre-workout product. While the MUTANT ALL-IN Olympia VIP Experience Sweepstakes is coming to a close, you still have a chance to get your hands on one of these mystery boxes. Tune into the MUTANT Instagram channel, where they will be running special limited-time giveaways where you can win one of these coveted pieces of MUTANT history in the making.


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