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MUTANT Orange Series Launch to Include Scratch and Sniff Labels

Introducing the highly anticipated global launch of the MUTANT Orange Series, featuring the tantalizing flavors of Orange RUSH and BIG ORANGE DREAMSICLE! Brace yourself for the remarkable citrus adventure brought to you by the captivating GET ON THE JUICE campaign, where MUTANT proudly presents three of its most sought-after supplements in an absolutely unforgettable citrus experience.

The Orange RUSH flavor will take your training sessions to new heights with its explosive citrus burst. Orange RUSH is available in both the high-octane pre-workout Mutant Madness and MUTANT’s potent EAA offering GEAAR while maintaining their highly effective ingredients and dosages.

But that’s not all. Strap yourself in for a flavor sensation like no other in the category with the BIG ORANGE DREAMSICLE flavor. It’s exclusively available in MUTANT’s ISO SURGE gourmet whey protein isolate. Indulge in the combination of zesty orange and creamy vanilla ice cream, transporting you to a world of tropical bliss with every sip. Every 25-gram scoop of pure whey protein isolate is reminiscent of the first time you bit into the popsicle with the hard orange-flavored ice on the outside and a bar of vanilla ice cream on the inside.

At the heart of the MUTANT Orange Series experience lies an industry-first innovation: scratch and sniff labels. Fit Foods pioneered this revolutionary concept with its PVL Orange campaign, and now it’s taking it even further into the MUTANT brand. Before making your purchase, you have the unique opportunity to scratch and release the enticing aroma of flavors. Feel the excitement build as your senses tingle with anticipation before you even taste it.

The special edition MUTANT Orange Series, including Mutant Madness, GEAAR and ISO SURGE, is available for a limited time and ready to drop right now! The response has been so phenomenal that the high demand and anticipation surrounding the MUTANT Orange Series has resulted in pre-orders across Canada already being sold out. As an added bonus to the series, there is also a special-edition limited print GET ON THE JUICE T-shirt.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to GET ON THE JUICE! Join the fitness revolution and experience the power of Mutant Madness, GEAAR and ISO SURGE. Remember, availability is limited, so act now to secure your supply of these game-changing supplements.

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