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MuscleTech Iso Whey Clear Review


There’s no disputing the fact that there are endless whey protein products on the market. Whey protein is well-known to be a critical protein source for fitness fanatics and for those who want to lose fat, support immunity and improve overall health. It’s common for both recreational lifters and pro athletes to have whey protein in their cupboards, and for good reason. It’s a convenient, protein source that tastes good (the best part, really). But whey protein isn’t just for athletes anymore, and now mainstream consumers are getting into whey protein and we’re seeing more quality options available. No longer are people forced to use lower-grade “econo” protein powders in stores such as Walmart; now, premium whey protein formulas are available, which is revolutionizing the diets of Canadians from coast to coast. And with the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s never been a better time to have access to premium whey protein supplements.

MuscleTech’s Canadian Roots

MuscleTech was founded in 1995 in Toronto with a mission to develop supplements that work. With research-backed formulas and a commitment to quality, MuscleTech became the largest sports supplement company in Canadian history and its products can now be found in well over 100 countries! As the company has exploded in popularity, so has its product offerings. The latest MuscleTech product in Canada is its Iso Whey Clear, which is a 100 percent pure whey protein isolate that’s more exciting than any whey protein we’ve ever reviewed. Unlike traditional milky/creamy flavours such as chocolate and vanilla, Iso Whey Clear mixes clear and comes only in refreshing fruit flavours, not milky as you’ve come to expect from old-school whey protein isolates! These crisp, light flavours are unlike any protein powder you’ve experienced. But Iso Whey Clear isn’t light on performance, and we’re absolutely hooked on the taste and nutritional profile of this one!

MuscleTech Iso Whey Clear Premium Whey Protein Isolate

When it comes to the product meeting label claim, we expect nothing but the best from MuscleTech, and it has delivered with Iso Whey Clear. Relying solely on a whey isolate as its only protein source, MuscleTech is able to keep the nutrition facts table very clean and straightforward (which is a great feature). Coming in at just 90 calories per serving, Iso Whey Clear is a light alternative to meet your protein needs. Each serving (27-gram scoop) yields 22 grams of protein—that’s nearly 82 percent protein (by weight) per serving! In terms of the other macronutrients, a serving contains zero grams of fat and one gram of carbohydrates (zero grams of sugar). Talk about clean! These numbers make this an ideal protein source for someone looking to control their macro intake. If you struggle to hit your protein most days, this is a refreshing way to knock off a solid serving without adding other nutrients.

MuscleTech Iso Whey Clear Flavouring

Iso Whey Clear is sweetened with 90 milligrams of sucralose and 80 milligrams of acesulfame-potassium. To get the incredible taste this formula delivers, these are mixed with a very tiny amount of natural and artificial flavouring, which gives a clear taste that’s true to the name, without being overly sweet. Lemon Berry Blizzard also contains the herb spirulina, which gives it a natural blue colour without the use of artificial dyes or colouring! Keeping the sugar count to zero makes this a great option to curb any sweet-tooth cravings without a big caloric hit. Iso Whey Clear’s refreshing flavours also change it up from the boring chocolate, vanilla, and cookies and cream flavours that have traditionally lined up shelves in stores such as Walmart Canada and other retail locations here.

Iso Whey Clear Is Clean & Clear

The most standout feature of Iso Whey Clear is right in the name. Iso Whey Clear is clear! This is a different spin on whey protein isolate or concentrate than what the market’s used to. So don’t expect the traditional creamy, thicker texture when drinking this protein. It’s the exact opposite, actually. It’s a thinner, cooler-like texture similar to a clear juice or a flavoured water. This makes for a light, refreshing boost of protein in your day.

How to Use Iso Whey Clear

The directions are pretty standard for a protein shake: add a scoop (27 grams) to a cup with 355 to 445 millilitres of water and shake, shake, shake! However, one small difference here—you’re going to let it rest for 30 to 60 seconds. As it sits, you’ll see the powder transform to a translucent liquid. Allowing it to sit will allow the powder to fully blend, removing any remnants of the powder, leaving no gritty particles behind. Talk about mixability! The resulting liquid will be crystal clear, and will go down just as smooth as it looks.

Iso Whey Clear’s Unique Flavours

To kick off this launch in Canada, MuscleTech has unleashed two flavours in ISO Whey Clear: Lemon Berry Blizzard and Orange Dreamsicle. Trust us, they’re both as tasty as they sound—we promise! Lemon Berry Blizzard and Orange Dreamsicle might sound like BCAA or EAA flavours, but it’s definitely a whey protein isolate. When pushed to pick a favourite, the Muscle Insider team narrowly voted in Orange Dreamsicle. Its light orange taste was clearly reminiscent of the cream-filled popsicles we all loved.

Want to shake things up a little (see what we did there)? These products are all great as a blended smoothie, either with some added fruit or just ice and water. For those who are looking for a thicker texture to make it feel more substantial, try adding a cup of almond or cashew milk to the blender in place of water. In just a few minutes, you have a delicious smoothie that’s heavy on taste but light on calories!

Though only two of these flavours are available to the Canadian market—Lemon Berry Blizzard and Orange Dreamsicle—we’re optimistic that the product line will continue to expand up north so we can get our hands on the Arctic Cherry Blast that we’ve seen south of the border.

Iso Whey Clear Now at Walmart Canada

You’re now able to find ISO Whey Clear on the shelves of Walmart Canada. We love the fact that a well-established, science-based company’s products are available at such a convenient location across the country. The accessibility of healthy options from such a highly respected sports supplement company is commendable, and we want to recognize this. There used to be a time when you could only find the highest quality supplements in the speciality retail supplement stores, but companies such as MuscleTech are changing that with truly innovative formulas such as Iso Whey Clear. We expect more cutting-edge products from MuscleTech in Canada, which we’re very excited about.

MuscleTech Iso Whey Clear Rating *****

If you’re looking to upgrade your protein for a higher-end whey isolate, this is it. A much lighter and refreshing option, Iso Whey Clear helps you hit your daily protein requirements in a great-tasting but refreshing formula. And with a company as large and reputable as MuscleTech, you can rest assured that what’s on the label is inside every product. From the clear formula to the transparent labelling, macros, price, convenience, easy mixing and—of course—the unbeatable taste, we give Iso Whey Clear a solid 5-star rating!