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MPA Supps Iso Poofs French Toast-Preview

MPA Supps

MPA Supps first launched their high-protein cereal in Apple Cinnamon flavour, which has become a huge hit with the fitness and bodybuilding community. This is a great snack choice for anyone looking to satisfy those sweet cravings that we all have, without the fear of sacrificing your efforts to sticking to your nutrition plan. Now with the newest flavour released, MPA Supps Iso Poofs French Toast is said to taste even better than the original flavour. We can’t wait to give it a try for ourselves.

MPA Supps Iso Poofs French Toast Nutritional Details:

Unlike many snacks on the market that say they are a high-protein option, they should still be considered a cheat, for those of us following a strict nutrition plan. The difference with MPA Supps Iso Poofs French Toast, is that you can substitute this for pretty much any animal protein, or whey protein shake.

The suggesting serving size for MPA Supps Iso Poofs French Toast, is 1 cup (25g) which gives you 29 servings per container. This serving size has a total of 95 calories, with 19g of protein, 1g of fat and only 3g of carbohydrates; 2g of which are dietary fiber and only 1g coming from sugar.


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