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Mammoth SWITCH Adjustable Weight System Preview


Our team at Muscle Insider is used to bringing you news from brands like Mammoth Supplements regarding new additions to its lineup like Mammoth Supplements EAA9 and the addition of Mammoth Pump Swedish Very Berry flavor. Well, we have to say we are impressively surprised by the Canadian brand’s latest product release, with the Mammoth SWITCH Adjustable Dumbbell Weight System. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on people’s daily lives, we have continued to see an emergence in home gyms across the nation, as well as a depleted stock of equipment such as dumbbells. The new Mammoth SWITCH looks to be a great alternative for many home gyms that are either faced with extremely limited space to devote to workout equipment and even those that simply cannot source the equipment they need.

While we have seen similar products on the market like the Power Block SpeedBlock Dumbbells, or the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells, the new Mammoth SWITCH Adjustable Weight System appears to have improved upon both systems mentioned. While the Power Block system is a lower-priced product, most users have often found it to be bulky and awkward. In addition, the weights are only adjustable from 3 to 24 pounds, in 3-pound increments. The Bowflex SelectTech system does provide a more ergonomic design, with weights that are adjustable from 10 to 90 pounds, in 5-pound increments, but it does come at a higher cost compared to the Mammoth SWITCH system. The Mammoth SWITCH Adjustable Weight System is adjustable from 2 to 70.5 pounds, in 9 total increments.

  • Easy Switch weight adjustments with Switch-Lock Technology allowing you to change the weight setting quickly and easily with 1 hand & slight twist of the wrist.
  • Simply set the dumbbell in the cradle, twist the handle, and weight changes quickly and safely.
  • Textured handle with secure old-school grip control.

The compact design allows you to use the Mammoth SWITCH system in a small space, without the need for a full rack of dumbbells in your home gym. The dumbbells are color-coded in KG and LB measurement conversions. You can order the new Mammoth SWITCH Adjustable Weight System directly from the Mammoth website. The set includes a pair of dumbbells for $899.00 plus tax, and it has a 1-year parts warranty included.

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