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We’ve seen the popularity of standalone “pump” powders and caffeine free pre-workouts growing over the last few years with every major company putting a formula on store shelves. Some of these are great for those looking to train at night but who don’t want to ruin their sleep by taking caffeine-containing products. For others, they provide an option for those just sensitive to caffeine in general. We’ve also seen smart drugs, nootropics and brain support supplements explode in popularity as everyone from eSports gamers, athletes, students, and executives search for ways to get that mental edge and fight the brain drain that comes from staring at your computer or phone all day!      

Mammoth Swell

Canadian legacy brand Mammoth has just released a teaser for an exciting new pump formula that’s not only caffeine free but has added nootropics to support mental performance. The product is called “SWELL” which boasts a fully transparent label without fillers or hidden ingredients and uses the latest ingredients to help take your workouts to be next level. Each 13-gram serving doesn’t hide behind proprietary blends or use a kitchen sink assortment of ingredients that puff up the label but are completely ineffective. Instead, SWELL contains 9 key ingredients at dosages shown to support performance, pumps, blood flow, and overall recovery. The nootropic component of the formula provides clean mental energy while also improving mind-muscle focus.

What We Like About The Formula

  • Since the formula is caffeine-free, it’s great for people who are sensitive to stims, those training in the evening, or for those times when you’re simply taking a break from caffeine which we should all do from time to time. Due to the catabolic effects of caffeine and its effects on the CNS, we don’t recommend that people take caffeine- containing products every single workout anyways.
  • MAMMOTH SWELL is manufactured in a government inspected facility and has had its formula reviewed by Health Canada to ensure your safety. Not all of the supplements you see on store shelves in Canada have been through this level of scrutiny so definitely check the Health Canada website before you purchase your supplements.
  • 4 grams of Citrulline (not bound to Malate/Malic Acid) is a very large dose. By comparison, most Citrulline Malate found on the market is in a 1:1 ratio which means 8 grams of Citrulline Malate contains 4 grams of Citrulline and 4 grams of Malic Acid.
  • Glycerol is a very effective osomolyte shown to support cell hydration, endurance and fat loading (if you’re taking it pre-contest). It also aids with a ketogenic diet by providing a biochemical precursor to ketones. Many companies have moved away from including glycerol in the pump formulas for fear of the product clumping but this is a mistake. We’re glad to see Mammoth including glycerol in SWELL.
  • The products comes in a 30-serving size which is listed on their website at $49.99 which works out to just $1.67 per serving. It won't be available until sometime in May though.
  • We haven’t tried the product yet but it comes in a Sour Candy flavour which looks very tasty based on the packaging! https://www.mammothsupplements.com/swell/  

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