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Mammoth Pump Purple Rain Flavour

It was January 2020 that Mammoth introduced the new Swedish Very Berry Flavour Mammoth Pump, to rave reviews. The Canadian brand has now just launched the brand new Mammoth Pump Purple Rain flavour. While this would be thought to be the 12th flavour added in the Mammoth Pump lineup, but Purple Rain is a natural grape flavour, which looks to take the place of the discontinued White Grape flavour that has been absent for some time now.

Mammoth Pump Purple Rain has the same great formulation fans have come to know and love. Look for these key ingredients to help you achieve the muscle pump we all crave. Mammoth Pump has 3,000 mg citrulline malate which helps with muscle pumps, 1,5000 mg beta-alanine for improved strength and endurance, 750 mg creatine HCL to help with better recovery and muscle growth, plus 500 mg agmatine sulphate for increased power and performance. Unlike most other pump products, Mammoth Pump also has 200 mg of caffeine for longer-lasting energy.

Mammoth MEAL, along with all other Mammoth products are distributed across Canada by True North Nutrition. For more information and to stay up to date with the brand, be sure to visit the Mammoth website.

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