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Kevin Hart Makes Investment in Nutrabolt

Well-known comedian Kevin Hart has taken an equity stake in sports nutrition company Nutrabolt. While financial details were not provided, it has been reported that Hart made the purchase through his private investment firm. Hart will also be a brand ambassador for the company’s C4 products and will work to expand its presence partially through exclusive content. In an interview with CNBC, Hart said the opportunity to take this stake came naturally because he uses C4 products daily.

Hart shared the news on his Instagram page saying, “After 5 years, we're finally making this official. I'm excited to be partnering up with @c4Energy #partner.” When asked about the deal he explained, “This isn’t a promo opportunity. This isn’t just an ambassador play. This isn’t one foot in, one foot out. This is really about merging my real lifestyle with a product that I genuinely use.”

Nutrabolt CEO Doss Cunningham, citing data from research firm IRI, said retail sales for the C4 beverage line surged by 163% in 2020. Overall, Nutrabolt saw retail sales reach nearly $650 million last year.

“We have been looking for someone to help carry the brand story and exemplify everything that C4 stands for,” Cunningham said. “We felt because he already uses our product, we could tell a great story about that achiever, the fitness moment, and even moments beyond fitness. So, it’s just really a great partnership.”


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Nutrabolt is a global nutritional life sciences company established in 2002 that specializes in consumer product solutions in sports nutrition and functional foods. The Company’s marquee brand, Cellucor, includes the brand’s most notable product line C4, which has become the uncontested industry leader in pre-workout supplementation.

For more information and to stay up to date with the brand, be sure to visit the Nutrabolt website.

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Source: CNBC.com