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Jennifer Dorie Signs with Magnum


It was just announced yesterday, that Jennifer Dorie has signed on with Magnum Nutraceuticals as their newest sponsored athlete. At 23 years old and hailing from Ontario, Jennifer is not only one of the top ranked IFBB Bikini Pros in Canada, but also around the world.

Jennifer had an amazing run in 2019, with several battles for top spot in her IFBB Pro Bikini appearances at shows such as Pittsburgh Pro, New York Pro and Toronto Pro. Dorie finished the year strong by placing fifth at the Olympia Bikini Championship.

Today we had a chance to catch up with Jennifer and she couldn’t wait to tell us how she felt about joining Team Magnum!

“I’m super excited to finally be working with Magnum as I’ve been friends with Markus for years and have always looked up to him and his brand. Recently we had the opportunity to talk about working together and immediately after our call I knew Magnum was the right fit for me for so many reasons. Markus is so involved with both his athletes and the brand and that’s one of the reasons that Magnum is so successful because he pushes his team to be their best and holds them to high standards just like he does his supplements. I’m grateful to be part of the family and have a company like Magnum to provide me with the highest quality supplements to help me reach my fitness goals and help others reach theirs as well!”

This looks to be an ideal fit for both Jennifer and the Magnum team, as they have strong roots all throughout Canada, and well over 40 countries around the world. After celebrating 15 years of success this past January, owner Markus Kaulius sees his brand continue their popularity with both retailers and consumers alike.

Markus took to Instagram to share his thoughts about Jennifer joining the team by saying, “So freakin’ excited about this! Jennifer Dorie has been a leader I have been watching for years. She represents what we look for at Magnum - someone who loves this lifestyle and wants to see others fall in love with fitness too! Welcome to the family Jenn!”

If you will be at the Arnold’s Sports Festival in March, be sure to catch up with Jennifer and the rest of the team at the Magnum booth!

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