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Iron Kingdom Pre – Sour Green Apple Preview

Iron Kingdom Nutrition

Iron Kingdom Pre has been available in Canada for a number of months now and with the success of this pre-workout formulation, the brand is launching a brand-new flavour to their line up. Iron Kingdom Pre - Sour Green Apple will be released later this month and can be found at local GNC Canada locations.

This scientifically dosed formula includes 6 g citrulline malate for improved workout endurance and superior muscle pumps; 3.2 g beta-alanine to help increase strength and muscular endurance during intense training; 2.5 g betaine to promote increases in power and lean mass; a powerful energy and focus formula that includes 300 mg caffeine and 400 mg huperzine-A, and other active ingredients. The 346g bottle provides a recommended 42 servings per container. This means that if you average 5 workouts per week, this is roughly a two-month supply.

For more info, visit the Iron Kingdom website, Instagram, and Facebook pages.